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Eating melon seeds is equal to drinking oil?

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Can you let people eat melon seeds? Many people say eating melon seeds is equal to drinking oil, is it true?

Because of its hard shell, the components of melon seeds are not easily oxidized, which makes the seeds contain rich vitamins, proteins, Oils and so on. Eating melon seeds can make the whole body digest very active. Seeds are fat rich foods like most nuts, and nearly 7% of the seeds are fat.

But most of the substances in melon seeds are unsaturated fatty acids, among which oleic acid and linoleic acid have the effect of lowering cholesterol and LDL. So unsaturated fatty acids are very beneficial to the human body, and it is also important for the brain. But it's a bit alarmist to say eating melon seeds is like drinking oil.

The heat in a hundred grams of melon seeds is equivalent to two hamburgers, and its fat content is in line with the range that adults should take every day. So it is very beneficial for us to eat melon seeds as long as we don't eat much. Eating proper amount of melon seeds can protect our blood vessels. In short, it is OK to eat less, but also reduce cholesterol in the body, and don't worry about fat. Why not do you?
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