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Can pumpkin seeds be eaten with skin? Can melon seed shell be eaten?

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Can pumpkin seeds be eaten with skin

Pumpkin seed shell is edible, no side effects. However, the skin of pumpkin seeds is generally not eaten, and it is not recommended to eat with shell. Because it is not easy to bite, the hypopharynx feels rough, difficult to digest, and there is the possibility of damage to the digestive tract. Also, the shell is a little dirty and unsanitary. 

The kernel of pumpkin seeds is tonic, while the shell of pumpkin seeds is leaky. Under normal circumstances, only pumpkin seeds can be eaten. However, if you eat it, you must chew it so as not to get stuck in your throat.

Is the shell of pumpkin seed easy to peel

For some people who are afraid of trouble, the skin of pumpkin seeds is eaten with pumpkin. In fact, the skin of sun dried pumpkin is softer, but it is separated from the kernel, which is relatively better. But you peel with your hands, not with your teeth. If you use teeth, a lot of saliva will stick to the melon seed skin and lose, easy to cause fire and oral ulcer. Saliva not only has the function of moistening and dissolving food, making it easy to swallow, cleaning and protecting oral cavity, but also has the function of nourishing kidney essence.

Can melon seed shell be eaten

Melon seed varieties, some melon seed shell, such as the West melon seed, sunflower seed shell, relatively hard, especially after biting, may form a needle shape, may pierce the esophagus. It must be shelled.

The shell of pumpkin seed is easy to chew and can be eaten. Some people also choose to chew it with a shell. Of course, the actual pumpkin shell is not easy to digest, shelling is better.

In short, melon seed shells are not easy to digest, so it is not suitable to eat. No matter what kind of melon seeds, there are unsanitary factors in frying and transportation, so it is good to eat them without shell.

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