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How to distinguish white melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and gourd seeds?

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I always have people ask, is white melon seed gourd seed? Is gourd seed pumpkin seed? Pumpkin seeds have a long history of confusion. Today, the small gourd editor will discuss with you.

1. Is white melon seed gourd seed?

The name "white melon seed" is now used in many places, and there are two kinds of statements: Export Commodity Name: white melon seed, customs code: 1212999300:

1) White melon seeds are generally referred to as pumpkin seeds, including snow white seeds (pumpkin seeds), smooth plate seeds, shell free (bare kernel) seeds.

2) White melon seeds are pumpkin seeds except shell free gourd seeds and pumpkin seeds, that is, pumpkin seeds with shell.

Friends who are export can give their opinions.

Gourd small weaving tends to be said later because shelling and non shelling are the differences between primary agricultural products and processed agricultural products (shelling). There is no detailed regulation on white melon seeds in the customs commodity list.

2. What is gourd seed?

Cucurbita seeds are seeds of Cucurbita, which is a common name in Inner Mongolia and other places, and belongs to one of white melon seeds. From the perspective of cultivated varieties, its varieties are American pumpkin, commonly known as Cucurbita, its seeds are commonly known as cucurbit seeds, shell seeds are also called smooth plate seeds, and naturally, the seeds without shell are called Hulu seeds (shell free pumpkin seeds, bare kernel pumpkin seeds).

3. What is pumpkin?

All pumpkin seeds of pumpkin family of cucurbitae are called pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin (bonobods), bamboo shoots and cucurbits are all pumpkin. How to distinguish them is as follows:

The above is to distinguish pumpkin from the perspective of seed use. Pumpkin can be divided into edible pumpkin, seed pumpkin, ornamental pumpkin and so on.

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