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How to choose melon seeds? Are you right?

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1. Choose the original flavor

The green tea seeds, Muskmelon Seeds, cream seeds and chocolate seeds on the market are mostly independent of cream and green tea, giving them the essence and spices that are attractive.

In order to have a better taste, citric acid and sodium cyclamate with seasoning function will be added. Some of them are very rich in flavor and may use food additives in excess of dosage or even range.

2. Buy packaged ones

Some loose melon seeds claim to be fried at home (do you see them), and then sell them by weight. It is suggested that we should pay more attention.

First, pay attention to the lack of weight; Second, pay attention to the appearance, feel particularly smooth, look particularly bright do not buy it! There are natural lines on the surface of melon seeds, there are different degrees of depression, feel smooth, and particularly bright melon seeds may be added talcum powder (food is not allowed to add) treatment!

In order to eat healthy, rest assured, we suggest that you try to choose a big brand of packaged melon seeds.
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