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Melon seeds in bulk should be purchased carefully

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Melon seeds are leisure food, no matter in which season, will be welcomed by people. But, I don't know if you notice it, but there is a serious danger of cleaning in the small melon seeds.

The bulk melon seeds are characterized by a clear view. At the time of the annual gathering, the market's melon stall is one after another. The purchased, goods and price ask people put one hand into the melon seed pile to see the beauty and smell.

This is the case in the market, and the supermarket is not much better. In a supermarket in the eighth branch of Dongying City, Shandong Province, the bulk watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are exposed to the air. There are 67 kinds of melon seeds and other dried fruits in the glass cabinet, which have neither date of production and shelf life, nor factory name. Most buyers take the seeds and taste them in their mouths, and the salesmen are blind.

The author asked the salesman, "why don't melon seeds have a date of production and shelf life?" "After weighing, the label on the bag has the date of production and shelf life," the salesman said impatiently But most consumers see the date of production on the bag from the date of purchase, not the real date of production and shelf life of melon seeds.

Melon seeds may be small food with low threshold in the shopping mall. A stove beside the road can fry seeds, cooked seeds sold in the street. In the new year's day, near the supply and marketing mall of Jinan Road, Dongying City, a stove full of melon seeds is smoking, and two tanks of liquefied gas are beside it. A big white woven bag, with black melon seeds. A man moved the fried melon seeds into the crowd for sale, and passers-by shouted around.

According to the people familiar with the matter, in order to make the seeds lubricated, some small workshops participated in many talc powder when frying the seeds; In order to make seeds good, some of them participate in the chemical raw material ferrous sulfate. It is said that the seeds are polished at high speed by mixing mineral oil and wax in the machine. The seeds produced by this way are bright and sold well.

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