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Boiled melon seeds favored by the public

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According to our news, although the south is not as fond of eating melon seeds as the people in the north, melon seeds, as a regular snack, is also an indispensable food for the public when buying new year's goods. According to the interview, there are various kinds of melon seeds on the market with different tastes. However, boiled melon seeds are highly praised by the public because they are not popular and taste suitable for southerners.

There are many kinds of melon seeds on the market. In addition to the common watermelon seeds, there are sunflower seeds, white melon seeds, hanging melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and many other varieties. These small foods are often sold together with almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, chestnuts and other dried fruits. Reporter in demeanor North Road, a small food store dedicated to selling dried fruit to see, many people in the purchase, one of the most popular is melon seeds.

"When relatives and friends get together during the new year, they can't do without eating melon seeds. Although they will buy some other dried fruits, they still eat more melon seeds." Aunt Zeng, who is shopping, said“ Fried melon seeds are more fragrant, but they are easy to get angry. I prefer boiled melon seeds. I plan to buy a few more Jin this time. "

Huang Ming, who runs the melon seed business, told reporters that boiled melon seeds are still popular among the public, so he prepared a lot of goods. Some people also like to buy raw melon seeds, cook them and dry them in the sun. In this way, they can produce different flavor melon seeds according to their own preferences. This DIY melon seed is green, environmentally friendly, healthy and has a good market. But this year, because of the heavy rain, it affected the public to dry the melon seeds. In addition, the raw melon seeds were easy to be damaged, and the merchants generally did not dare to buy too many goods. He suggested that the public buy the processed melon seeds.

The reporter learned that at present, melon seeds are not only a festival food, but also a common snack in people's daily life, and the price of melon seeds is also kept in a relatively stable range“ The price of melon seeds rose slightly at the end of the year, but the increase was not big due to the sufficient supply. " Huang Ming said.
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