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Caramel melon seeds become the new favorite of dry fruit shop

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Reporters at a number of dry fruit shops in the city saw that the price of caramel melon seeds is much higher than that of common melon seeds, ranging from 13 yuan to 15 yuan per catty, with a variety of flavors such as jackfruit and pecan. According to the shop assistant, the caramel seeds are selling very hot at present, "the seeds are made by red sugar bubble before frying, and then seasoned with five spices. The taste is very good."

"Caramel melon seeds taste sweet and salty, and they are very fragrant in their mouths." Ms. Wang, who is buying melons, said she bought them when they first started to pop Caramel seeds this year. "I can't stop eating. I'm addicted to it." Ms. Wang laughs that she is a "Gu" of caramel melon seeds. Although the price is not cheap, she will still buy it frequently to satisfy her desire to eat.

>>>Buying melon seeds also has a knowledge quality that is more important than taste

However, when the reporter looked up the caramel melon seeds, they found many news about Caramel seeds containing a large amount of additives on the Internet. Some people have done experiments and found that some Caramel flavored melon seeds are added alum. This news is "bad" for "Caramel powder". Can Caramel melon seeds eat it?

The reporter specially consulted the industry person engaged in dry fruit business, according to it, according to relevant regulations, in a certain measurement standard range, melon seeds are allowed to add food additives, but some irresponsible businesses in order to save costs, processing melon seeds will not make pecan and other expensive seasoning, but add additives to achieve the taste required“ In addition, in the process of frying melon seeds, in order to ensure that the seeds are not easy to be damp and soft, some illegal merchants will add alum. " It is understood that aluminum in alum is difficult to discharge after being absorbed by human body, which will damage brain and nerve cells. Insiders suggest that buying melon seeds should be selected as much as possible by large manufacturers or reputable shops, especially in the face of attractive new flavors, not only considering taste, but also quality, and careful selection.
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