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Taste wonderful melon seeds

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When it comes to melon seeds, what can you think of is whether they will bring them into the movie and they will talk about the natural and comfortable scenes of life. The melon seeds are small in size, but they contain rich ideas. It's a wonderful snack.

It also requires skill to eat melon seeds. The high-tech ones, the teeth on both sides and bottom are at the top of the tip of the melon seeds. When they are hit, the shell of the melon seeds will crack, and the flesh of melon will be exposed to the air. The tip of the tongue touched gently, the naked white melon meat came to the mouth. But the technology is insufficient, the tooth moves, only listen to "tut" a sound, melon shell breaks into two or three petals, melon meat also breaks into a grain, not like, let people feel embarrassed.

Of course, melon seeds are also divided into different types. The shell of red melon seeds is very hard, and it is better to eat; The shell of black melon seeds is soft, and it will collapse when it bite; Sunflower seeds made of melon seeds are very good, melon seeds are full, no one is bad, smell fragrant, let people smell appetite greatly. So most of the time, we buy sunflower seeds.

Melon seeds are very light, not like other snacks, but it is not tasteless. Melon seeds are chewable, the more chewed the more delicious. It is like that sentiment in your heart, lingering in your heart for a long time, can not dissipate. Old feelings can not be eliminated, melon seed flavor is the same, when you accidentally think of, that flavor in your heart, do not disturb you, but always exist.

Melon seeds can be eaten at any occasion. Discuss work with colleagues and eat it with friends and relatives. What we eat is not melon seeds, but the feelings between people. After a long talk, the mouth also touched the melon seeds a little fragrant. When a bow, suddenly found that the ground has been full of melon seeds shell
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