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Although the nutritional value of melon seeds is high, these people should not eat them

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Who should not eat melon seeds? Melon seeds is one of the common snacks. Many people have the habit of eating melon seeds when chatting or watching TV. In fact, there are many nutritional values of melon seeds. Do you know anything about those who like to eat melon seeds? Let's understand the nutritional value of melon seeds.

Nutritional value of melon seeds

Melon seeds contain about 50% fat, which is mainly unsaturated fat, and does not contain cholesterol, linoleic acid content up to 70%.

It is said that eating a handful of melon seeds every day can meet the body's daily vitamin E needs.

Nevertheless, some people are not suitable for eating melon seeds.

Who should not eat melon seeds

Unrestricted consumption of melon seeds will increase calorie and fat intake, increase weight and blood lipid, which is not conducive to the control of blood glucose and blood pressure. The following four types of people should not eat more melon seeds.

Patients with hyperlipidemia. Melon seeds contain a lot of fat, which will increase the level of lipid in the blood of patients with hyperlipidemia, and the increase of blood lipid is often one of the important pathogenic factors of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

Cholecystectomy. Melon seeds are oily, and the fat they contain needs bile to digest. After cholecystectomy, the function of storing bile is lost. This kind of patient if edible melon seed, can cause dyspepsia.

Patients with stomach disease and liver disease. Melon seeds contain a lot of fat, enteritis, dysentery and other spleen and stomach dysfunction and liver disease patients after eating, will aggravate the disease.

If you have the above symptoms, don't eat melon seeds.
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